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We solve common problems that dog owners face. Working long hours, just being away from your dog for long periods of time, or not being able to physically keep up with your dog puts stress on dogs and their owners and can even cause a dog to develop behavioral issues. Giving your dog what he/she needs is essential in creating and maintaining a strong relationship between you and your dog. Let’s make sure your dog gets what he/she needs!



24hr Scheduling

At a moment’s notice you can schedule your dog walks, any time of the day or night.


Receive high quality photos from your pet sitter and relieve your stress, so you can focus on what you’re doing.


Watch HD videos of your dog, with your pet sitter, and never worry about your dog and how they are doing.

GPS Tracking

See exactly where your dog and your dog walker traveled and feel the weight lift off your shoulders. All dog walkers are tracked with GPS.

How long is a Quick Visit / Walk?

A Quick Drop-In Visit or Quick Dog Walk typically lasts around 15 minutes. This duration will be long enough to take your dog outside to use the bathroom and get enough physical exercise to make them happy until you return home. Our Quick Visit and Quick Dog Walk is a perfect option for dog owners who work long hours or just need a little help getting their dog outside for some exercise and to use the bathroom. If you will not be home and would like us to feed your dog or give him/her a treat, we can do that as well. Get started by booking a Meet-&-Greet in our 24-hour Online Scheduler.

See What It’s Like

If you wonder what the Fur Heart experience is like, the following are real pictures and videos sent to our real clients.

From Our Clients

Nobody says it better than the pet parents we help

“When I am out of town on business, I really appreciate being able to see a picture or video of our dog taken earlier that day. It gives me comfort to see that he looks well and happy. I highly recommend”

Terri H.

Peoria, AZ, via Yelp!

“I LOVE Fur Heart. They are great with my dog. He loves his walker! I trust Fur Heart implicitly.”

Diane M.

Peoria, AZ, via Better Business Bureau

“I knew instantly that this was going to be a good fit…I’m very appreciative of his services and feel confident that my boys are safe…”

Diana S.

Peoria, AZ, via Better Business Bureau

“ You will never find better care and concern, and the greatest service I have ever experienced.”

Adrienne G.

Peoria, AZ, via Better Business Bureau

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