Pet Care Specialist / Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

Goodyear, AZ


Employment Type

Employee. Pet Care Specialists are employees that Fur Heart Pet Care employs to perform pet care duties. Employees work for and represent the company when they are performing pet care duties.


Job Description:

As a Pet Sitter and Dog Walker with Fur Heart Pet Care, you’ll be responsible for helping pet parents inside our Arizona communities when they are away from home for long hours and/or traveling. While visits typically only involve interaction with pets, our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers still frequently communicate with people and meet them in-person, during Meet & Greets. Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers will need to have good communication and customer service skills.

As a Pet Sitter and Dog Walker with Fur Heart Pet Care, a high level of responsibility and self-management will need to maintained. Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers often work alone in the field.

Most visits will include care for dog and/or cats. However, various species of animals are not uncommon. Following the instructions of pet parents very important. Making sure their pets are happy, healthy, and safe inside their home is top-priority.

After every visit, it will be required to send visit updates to the client via our company smartphone app. These updates will include pictures, videos, and general descriptions about how the visit went.

Some clients book visits weekly while others are booking occasionally. Some days/weeks you’ll have fewer pet care visits than others. Pet care visits are booked in required time-blocks (time ranges), not required exact times, giving you flexibility to adjust your schedule accordingly. Your personal schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate this.

Driving to and from client homes is necessary and you’ll be required to have reliable transport to accommodate this.

Day Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Position:

  • Available between 6am and 10pm. Pet care visits can occur at various times throughout the day, and you’ll have the ability to adjust the pet care schedule to work with your own.
  • Have a flexible schedule.
  • While the majority of the work may be in the middle of the day, when we have vacation clients go away those visits are usually during the AM, NOON, and PM hours.
  • The daily clients are very regular giving us one month to a few hours of notice. Vacation clients and times of the pet sits vary.
  • Typical duties include lots of TLC, walking, feeding, administering medications, taking in mail, newspaper, plant watering, cleaning pet bowls, and picking up after pets.
  • Availability on holidays and weekends is necessary.
  • Must love getting licks from your four-legged bosses. Being able to “speak dog” and have “cat conversations” is a plus! =)


  • Available from 8pm to 6am including weekends and holidays.
  • All applicants must have internet access, cell phone, reliable transportation, ability to have a flex schedule.
  • Quick replies are expected and will gain you favor.
  • This job is perfect for the stay-at-home mom, college student, or retired professional!
  • Ability to adapt to sleeping away from home.

*** Overnight availability is not required to be a pet sitter or dog walker ***

Salary / Wage / Pay

Highly competitive wages

$14.35/hr – $26/hr, starting.

Up to $2,000+/month

Opportunities for bonuses

Opportunities for extra income

Opportunity for raises.

Expected Hours: 5-30/week


  • A rewarding job knowing that you are making a difference in the quality of many Arizona pets’ lives!
  • A company who values family, both two and four-legged!
  • A well-established company in the community that has been around for nearly a decade.
  • Online training.
  • Highly competitive pay!
  • Flexible schedule!
  • Ability to make commission on social media posts as well as bringing in more clients and/or staff.
  • No need to do hair and makeup every day and no cubical.
  • We provide company badges!
  • Employee position.
  • Covered under the protection of bonding, business insurance, and workman’s compensation.
  • Direct deposit, weekly.
  • Great work/life balance.
  • Spend your day/night with animals.
  • Spend no time in the office.
  • Represent the top in-home pet care business in Arizona.


  • Care for various species of pets.
  • Perform Meet & Greets with clients.
  • Walk dogs on a regular basis, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • Stay in clients’ homes.
  • Clean pet waste.
  • Feed pets.
  • Give pets water.
  • Clean pet food and water dishes.
  • Clean up messes made by pets.
  • Clean litter boxes.
  • Send pictures, videos, and descriptions to pet parents, using a smartphone.
  • Use scheduling app on a smartphone.
  • Drive pets to the veterinarian or elsewhere.
  • Topical medication administration.
  • Oral medication administration.
  • Subcutaneous medication administration.
  • Drive to client’s homes.
  • Plant watering.
  • Mail collection.
  • Rotating blinds.
  • Use lock boxes.
  • Handle keys.
  • Use garage door openers.
  • Lock and unlock doors.
  • Take notes.
  • Provide exercise and mental stimulation for dogs during walks.
  • Follow specific instructions from pets owners regarding their pets’ routines.
  • Monitor pets for any signs of distress or illness during walks.
  • Clean up after pets, including disposing of waste properly.
  • Maintain a safe and secure grip on the leash at all times to prevent dogs from escaping.
  • Using company smartphone applications.

Job Requirements

  • Pass a background check.
  • Pass drug screening
  • Have a smartphone that can download apps, take pictures, and record videos.
  • Have reliable transport.
  • Must be able to handle various sizes and breeds of dogs and cats.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to lift 50lbs.
  • Ability to sit, kneel, and lay down.
  • Willingness to drive up to 100 miles per week.
  • Ability to perform pet care multiple times per day, at various times each day(morning, midday, evenings, nights).
  • Have good vision.

Mental Requirements

  • Ability to stay calm in stressful situations.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Have good human and animal behavior assessment skills to help yourself stay protected and healthy.
  • Understanding of the needs of animals and how to fulfill those needs.
  • Understanding of how to walk dogs properly and keep them safe while outside.
  • Understanding of positive reinforcement.
  • Basic animal training techniques such as “conditioning”.
  • Have an understanding of the worries and needs of a pet parent when they ask for pet care.
  • Have an understanding of basic home and pet cleaning skills.
  • Have an understanding of how to use a lockbox and various garage door openers.