Pet Care Specialist / Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

Glendale, AZ


Employment Type

Contract. Pet Care Specialists are contracted workers that Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking contracts to perform pet care. Contract workers are not employees of the company. However, they represent the company when they are performing pet care for the company’s clients.


As a Pet Care Specialist, you may perform duties such as client meetings, caring for pets while pet owners are out of town, while pet owners are at work for long hours, and/or when pet parents aren’t physically able to care for their pets. Typical schedules may include 1-3 daily visits to a client’s home (morning, midday, evening, overnight, and live-in). Clients may or may not be home during your scheduled visits.

Salary / Wage / Pay

Up to $1,000+/month

Pet Care Specialists are paid a percentage of each pet care job they successfully complete.


  • Be your own boss.
  • Work as much or as little as you’d like.
  • Great work/life balance.
  • Earn as much as you’d like.
  • Spend your day/night with animals.
  • Help pets and pet owners in your community.
  • Spend no time in the office.
  • Represent the top in-home pet care business in Arizona.


  • Care for various species of pets.
  • Perform Meet & Greets with clients.
  • Walk dogs.
  • Stay in clients’ homes.
  • Clean pet waste.
  • Feed pets.
  • Give pets water.
  • Clean pet food and water dishes.
  • Clean up messes made by pets.
  • Clean litter boxes.
  • Send pictures, videos, and descriptions to pet parents, using a smartphone.
  • Use scheduling app on a smartphone.
  • Drive pets to the veterinarian or elsewhere.
  • Topical medication administration.
  • Oral medication administration.
  • Subcutaneous medication administration.
  • Drive to client’s homes.
  • Plant watering.
  • Mail collection.
  • Rotating blinds.
  • Use lock boxes.
  • Handle keys.
  • Use garage door openers.
  • Lock and unlock doors.
  • Take notes.

Job Requirements

  • Have pet care insurance.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have a PayPal account.
  • Have a smartphone that can download apps, take pictures, and record videos.
  • Have reliable transport.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to lift 50lbs.
  • Ability to sit, kneel, and lay down.
  • Willingness to drive up to 100 miles per week.
  • Ability to perform pet care multiple times per day, at various times each day(morning, midday, evenings, nights).
  • Have good vision.

Mental Requirements

  • Ability to stay calm in stressful situations.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Have good human and animal behavior assessment skills to help yourself stay protected and healthy.
  • Understanding of the needs of animals and how to fulfill those needs.
  • Understanding of how to walk dogs properly and keep them safe while outside.
  • Understanding of positive reinforcement.
  • Basic animal training techniques such as “conditioning”.
  • Have an understanding of the worries and needs of a pet parent when they ask for pet care.
  • Have an understanding of basic home and pet cleaning skills.
  • Have an understanding of how to use a lockbox and various garage door openers.