About US

About US

Raising Standards

Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is committed to the happiness of our clients (yes, pets included). Pets are our passion and we care for yours as if they were our own. The unconditional love of a dog is something reflected in everything we do.

For many years, and still today, the pet care industry has been littered with third-party services, independent contractors, and caregivers who don’t care as much as all us pet owners hope. Being that our pets are family to us, such lack of caring is unacceptable. By achieving the satisfaction of our pet parents and their pets, along with maintaining a high standard for ethical behavior, we know we can raise the standard of what is known as pet care and improve the lives of the people and pets in our communities.

A litte bit about us and what we do.

Fearless Leaeder

Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, LLC

Chad Brezina

Chad Brezina


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