Looking for a pet sitter in Peoria, AZ?


There are many to choose from. While price should not be your only consideration when looking for pet care, it is, and probably always will be, part of the conversation.


We’ve sniffed through the best reviewed pet sitting and dog walking businesses on yelp and the web to find the price for some of the most commonly offered pet sitting services. Here they are with up-to-date pricing information to help guide your search for the pet sitter that is right for you:


In Peoria, AZ, daily visits often range anywhere from $20-$28 The daily visit, check-in, or potty break is one of the most common services offered by all the pet sitting companies in Peoria, AZ. There are a wide range of daily visit types, so make sure you take a look at what’s included for the quoted price. Most sitters offer a 30 or 60 minute stay, while some on the lower end of the price spectrum also offer a “quick visit” which is 15 mins or less. Also, there are sometimes fees for multi-pet care, so make sure to check for additional fees if you have a few furry friends at home.

At Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, LLC, we offer a “Standard Visit” as well as an “Extended Visit”. We provide the options to give our pet loving clients the best chance of making their pets happy. In the Standard Visit, we simply stay as long as we need to, to know that your pet will be great until you return home or until our next scheduled visit. For the Extended Visit, we will stay a bit longer. This works out great for puppy sitting as we as pets that require or significantly benefit from more social time with our sitters. How long are the standard and extended visits? We are the only pet sitting company, in the area, that does not offer timed visits. If you’re asking why this could be, it’s because it actually benefits you and your pets!

Example: Let’s say we came over to your home and your pet made a big mess. Now, if our prices were based on “time” and if it took us a long time to clean up the mess, we may have had to stay at your home longer than anticipated and there would be an extra cost. However, because we don’t have timed visits, we can now stay for as long as we need to, to make sure your pet(s) will be happy until our next visit or when you return home! The same thing goes for veterinary trips. What if your pet needed to go to the veterinarian? The total amount of time could add up to hours! Wouldn’t it be great to know that, even if something like this happened, the cost for the visit would stay the same?

Overnight and Live-In stays can range anywhere from $90-$135. If you’re taking a long trip and will be out of town, for several days, you might need to hire a pet sitter to come and stay overnight in your house for a few days, or even stay for a solid 24 hours. Make sure you check the difference between an “overnight stay” and a 24 hour appointment–often the overnight stays begin and end at a certain hour, and may not cover your situation if you don’t have a very rigid return time. There are only a few places in Peoria that offer the overnight service, and Fur Heart is one of them! Be sure to check if other companies are setting restrictions on appointment start times or offering additional visits as a part of this service.

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