Pet Sitting-What Should I Expect?


Pet Sitting Visits

What should I expect?

Congratulations! We’re so excited to have you onboard with us and we can’t wait to care for your pets.


  • 100% of your tip goes straight to your pet sitter!
  • Thanks, so much, thinking of your sitter! Tips are appreciated, but not required.
  • PLEASE LEAVE CASH TIPS FOR YOUR SITTER. Only cash tips will be accepted. You can leave your cash tip on the counter, for your sitter to find.


2. After you have departed, your sitter will make their first scheduled visit.


3. Everything on your sitter’s to-do list will be done.


4. After everything on the to-do list is done, your sitter will take photos and short videos of your pets.



  • Make sure to enter your Wi-Fi password into your online profile, with us. We use your WiFi access to upload videos during our pet sitting visits.
  • After the photos and videos have been uploaded into our systems, you will receive an email with pictures and clickable links to the video(s) of your pets.


6. Pet Parent Connection:

  • If you’d like to set up a live video chat, on your smartphone, and with your pets, call us at any time during normal office hours and let us know. We’ll contact your pet sitter and schedule a time for the video chat. We use the “Zoom” app for the live video chats. Please download the app on your smartphone if you want to take advantage of this option.


7. During your tour, your sitter or Fur Heart representative may ask question as to clarify certain things.


8. This previous sequences will continue, until you return. This way, you’ll have the best experience possible, with Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.


9. If you have any questions or if you forgot to tell us something, call the office at any time during normal office hours. If it’s an after-hours emergency, please call and leave a voicemail on the office line. You may also keep calling until somebody picks up.


10. Travel Guarantee:

  • If you cannot make it back on the scheduled time, just call the office and let us know. Leave a voicemail if it is after-hours. If, for some reason, you cannot reach us and we cannot reach you by phone or email, we will keep coming to your home to care for your pets, until we hear from you.


PLEASE, let us know when you return home, so that we know you are home and that your pets are, and will be, okay.



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