List of the Best Dog Daycares in Phoenix, AZ

Doggie Daycare can be a great option for every day or extended stay care if you have a dog that is social and adaptable to new environments. One added bonus is when you have a daycare location close to your home–that can help simplify the pick up and drop off of your dog each day. If you live in Phoenix, AZ, there are dozens of doggy daycare options. Some are much better than others, so we’ve compiled this list so you know when you’re barking up the right tree! Here are the best Doggy Daycare options in Phoenix, AZ:


  1. Tempe Dogs 24/7: Though not located in Phoenix, Tempe Dogs 24/7 is committed to their name, offering 24/7 pick-up and drop-off services for any pet parent with a busy schedule. They even take this another step further–if you are an anxious pet parent, you can call at any time, 24/7 and they will send you pictures and written updates on your dog. Their prices begin at $25 for a 12 hour stay, which is perfect for the length of the average doggie daycare stay. And of course, they’re totally kennel free.


  1. Dog Dayz: Dog Dayz is a totally cage-free daycare center. Their owner believes in the benefits of “pack play” which means the dogs will get a ton of time to all play and socialize together. It also means that each day is unique, and there is no cookie-cutter interaction between the staff and each dog each day. From the photos on yelp, it looks like the 4 legged customers love pack play almost as much as the couches all over the space. Their rates start at $15 for a half day, $30 for a full day.


  1. Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting and Home Services: Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting is a family business that customers love for their flexibility and availability to take new customers on very short notice. They also offer a pick-up and drop off service, which can be a huge help for anyone who is already busy enough to need a doggie daycare on a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt that the price is right–their daycare services start at $15. While their website is sparse, you can find all of their happy customers on their active yelp page.


  1. Learning Pawsibilities: Learning Pawsibilities puts a spin on the typical daycare experience. Their doggie daycare is also doggie day school! That means that each day, participating dogs will also receive behavioral training and learn to overcome new challenges throughout their day. Because of this desirable spin, Learning Pawsibilities is booked solid most days, which prompted them to open a second location. Every dog receives a report card at the end of the day. Rates start at $30 per day, with a 30 day pass available for $720.


  1. Smelly Dog Daycare: Smelly Dog is beloved by customers for its self service dog wash and adjacent pet supply market. They’ve been around since 2005, and the owner, Jackie Brenda, has taken care to make sure all of the staff treats dogs with the same love and respect that she has for animals. Customers rave about Smelly Dog on yelp, and for good reason. They are known for their completely cage free environment, and also offer water play for dogs in their daycare program. Daily rates are a very reasonable $20 for day care, with an unlimited package available for $320– a huge discount.


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