How Much Does Grooming Cost in Glendale, AZ?


If you’re looking for a groomer in Glendale, AZ and you want to make sure you’re getting a great deal for that wash and snip—look no further. We’ve combed through the websites of local groomers to find out what the best prices and values are for common grooming needs in Glendale.


Washes: ~$30 Every pet owner knows the ritual of giving their pet a bath at home. Sometimes the process can be a pain, especially if your pet doesn’t like baths or they decide to find a few dozen convenient places to dry off around your house. Groomers in Glendale, AZ range in the price they charge for baths. We found a common median price of around $30, with a few prices topping $40 for larger breeds. For most bath options, a brush service is also included. One location, Posh Wash Dog Wash , offers a self-serve option, where you can use their washing supplies and facilities for $22.


Hair Trim: $10-$20 There are many different types of hair trim that groomers offer, the most common of which are foot and facial trims. We found that most groomers in Glendale offer a facial trim or a foot trim in the neighborhood of $10. Puff and Fluff Spa in Glendale offers each type of trim for $10, while Snazzy Dogs in nearby Peoria offers a combo face and paw trim for $10.


Nail Clipping ~$5-$10: Trimming nails can be one of the most painful and nerve wracking aspects of grooming for both pet parents and pets alike. Most pets do not enjoy having their nails trimmed, and trimming a dog’s nails too closely can cut into the “quick”–causing a painful cut that will also bleed profusely. Fortunately, this is such a common service for groomers that many offer nail trimming a la carte. Most grooming locations we have found in Glendale, AZ offer a nail trim for $10, with some starting as low as $5. For this particular service, it makes sense to spring for a highly skilled groomer because of the potential for injury.


Combo Packages $40-$100 (Depends on size of pet): Most groomers offer a combination or “full service” package which includes all the most common grooming services. When evaluating a groomer’s package deal, look for the price to include a bath, dry, haircut, nail trim, glands expressed, and ear care/cleaning. These are the most common services included. Typically, groomers also charge different amounts depending on the size of your pet. So if you have a great dane at home, you might want to double check that price tag. We found that most packages start in the neighborhood of $40 for the smallest pets, with price tags reaching near $100 for the largest dogs. Looking for a deal for your large dog? Isabel’s Dog Grooming offers a full service package for $41, with no premium for larger breeds.


Of course, if you’re looking to save some money or just the inconvenience of making a trip to the groomer, you can always do some home grooming. We’ve compiled some home grooming tips as well for your convenience. Whatever you decide to do, we hope your pets end up looking fly and smelling great!


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