Is the Best Pet Sitting, really on Yelp?

The time has finally come! You’re getting married! Congratulations!!!

You can’t wait, because your wedding is going to be on an amazing beach and you’re going to have to travel to get there! So, you’ve got a, seemingly, ever-growing to-do list, right?

Atop the list, is finding a pet sitter for your cat. Your cat does not do well with boarding, so IT IS A MUST the she stay at home.


You’ve heart that the best pet sitters can be found on Yelp. So, you start your search and come across so many and you’re not sure:

  • Who is legit?
  • Who is doing pet sitting just for some extra cash?
  • Who is doing it to just get inside your home so they can steal something?


So, let’s look at the reviews…

Uh oh! Yelp is saying that there are some reviews that are not showing. Why is this? Are these pet sitters not trustworthy? Now I don’t know what to do?

Truth Be Told:

All the questions and concerns, listed above, are absolutely legitimate.

With everything said, our pet sitting company, Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, is on Yelp and it is why we understand these concerns and questions.

Many of our reviews are on Yelp and we have found, numerous times, Yelp chooses to show some and hide others. THIS IS WHY we also ask all our clients to post their reviews on other websites such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Google, and Facebook. While not all our clients have the time to do so, you will find that some of Yelp’s hidden reviews of us are not hidden on other credible websites, like our BBB page.

So, why does Yelp hide some reviews??

This is a great question! Through our research, we cannot find a specific reason other than it is either a random decision based on some unknown algorithm, or it is based on if our client has found us on Yelp and used the Yelp website to call, email, or message us. Possibly, if a client contacts us through Yelp, this may trigger there system to say it is a legitimate review or not.

How does this impact your decision to find the best pet sitter?

This is important, because if Yelp is choosing to hide legitimate reviews and show fake reviews, how can you be certain, AT ALL, that you can trust the pet sitter you find on Yelp, if Yelp is telling you a lie?

In our eyes, this realization discredits and trustworthiness Yelp has ever had. This shows us that they don’t actually care about giving you the right information. They just care about making you think that they have the right information.

When asking somebody to care for our family members (YES, this includes our pets), Yelp’s online behavior is unacceptable.

Why do people ever decide to use Yelp?

  • Convenience
  • False sense of security
  • Misunderstanding
  • Unaware that there are local pet sitting businesses
  • Cheap prices


What is it worth, to have a pet sitter or pet sitting company that you never have to question?

What is it worth, to know that you get high quality pictures and videos sent to you, proving how great your pets are doing, while you’re away?

What is it worth, to be able to book a pet sitting appointment, at any hour of the day or night?

What would it be worth to have full trust in your pet sitter?

What would it be worth to know you’re pet sitter will always be there for you, no matter what situation life decides to throw at you?

As pet parents, we understand this type of care is PRICELESS!

When it comes to the safety and security of our family members (YES, this includes our pets), settling for leaving things to chance and hope is just not a viable option.

After reading this, think about what you want for your pets. Think about what things life can present to you.


We’re here, for you!

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