Just as we mentioned in our article about what a “Standard” and “Extended” pet sitting visit/dog walk is, there are so many situations that come up, which can extend the length of time a pet sitter or dog walker spends with your pets. If you haven’t read that article, click here.

  • What happens if your pet sitter had to take another client’s dog the veterinarian and can’t get to your home, as scheduled?
  • What happens if you had an emergency and needed to go out of town, but your pet sitter is sick?
  • What happens if your pet sitter got in a car accident and can’t make it to your home?
  • The list of situations that could compromise your pet sitter’s availability is ever-growing. Should you have a back-up plan?

Or, how AWESOME would it be if your in home pet sitting company already had a back-up plan in place? Wouldn’t it be GREAT if your pet sitting company had multiple sitters who knew you, your pets, your pet’s routines, how much they should be fed, etc…?

How much stress and worry would that save you?

When you think about it like this, it is invaluable and almost absurd to consider any other option.

We’re here to help take things off you plate. Not add things to it.

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