Why don’t you have a time limit on pet sitting visits and dog walks?

Example #1

Do me a favor. As your read, do the math and add up the duration of what this one pet sitting visit would cost.

Let’s say the cost of our pet sitting visits were $25 for a 30 minute visit.

Now, your pet sitter comes over and notices that your dog got into the trash and is not acting normal. To make sure your dog stays healthy, we now have to take your dog to the veterinarian. So, we call your veterinarian to let them know we have to make an immediate appointment for your dog. Next, we gather up what we need to bring with us to the veterinarian. Then, we get your dog in the car. We, then, look up the directions to your veterinarian. Traveling to the veterinarian takes about 20 minutes. Once we have arrived we must wait for 30 minutes to get a room to see the veterinarian. Once we get into the room, it takes 15 minutes for your veterinarian to come into the room. After the veterinarian comes in, they now begin to examine your dog. The veterinarian then says we need to run tests, to make sure your dog is okay. Once the veterinarian gathers whatever samples they need, they begin to run the tests. Once the tests have results, they come back into the room to inform us. After we know what is going on, your veterinarian calls you to tell you what is wrong with your dog. They find out that your dog has a minor issue that requires a couple medications. Now, that we know your dog will be okay, we can check out. After checking out, we put your dog in the car and start the 20 minute drive home. Once we get home, we stay for a bit and take care of everything we weren’t able to, when we first came over, because your dog needed to go to the veterinarian. This took 30 minutes.

About how long do estimate that, ONE, visit took? A few hours??

Remember, we are basing this off of $25 for one 30 minute visit.

Do the math. How much did that visit cost (not including your veterinarian bill)?

It’s quite a lot, right???


Example #2

Let’s say the cost of a dog walk was $25 for a 30 minute visit.

You are at work and your dog walker comes over in the middle of the day, as scheduled, to walk your dog for 30 minutes. Your dog walker finds that your dog has made a significant mess that is going to 25 minutes to clean up. We clean up your dog’s messes up, because we can’t leave them in a situation where they may harm themselves. After the mess has been cleaned up, we get your dog ready to go outside on his/her walk. Then, we give your dog the scheduled 30-minute walk. Once we return back home, we notify you that your dog made the mess and that we cleaned it up. This, one dog walk, has now taken one hour. Because you are charged by the time, your one dog walk is now $50 instead of $25.

Situations like those, in “Example #1” and “Example #2”, are exactly why we don’t have timed visits. This way, we are able to take care of your pets in every way, while still making it an affordable option to have such great, reliable, and trustworthy pet care. These situations are also a great example of why it is SO important to have a team of pet sitters and dog walkers watching out for you and your pets.

Click here for more details on the importance of having a team and what benefits do you and your pets get from having so many people that care for you and them.


What is the difference between a Standard and an Extended Visit or Dog Walk?

A Standard Visit is a pet sitting visit that lasts as long as it takes to make sure your pet is happy and healthy until we return for the next visit.

An Extended Visit is a pet sitting visit for those pets that require a bit more attention and don’t like being alone, for long. Also, sometimes the pet owner may just want us to spend more time with their pets, even though they don’t mind being alone for long.

Please click here, to see our Pet Sitting service page for more details about our pet sitting services.

A Standard Dog Walk is a dog walk where we take your dog on a walk for as long as we need, to make sure your dog is exercised to the point where they feel great and relaxed, afterwards.

An Extended Dog Walk is for those dogs that don’t tire easily. An example of this would be a very hyperactive Belgian Malinois or any dog that has tons of energy. They need to be out longer to achieve the same benefit as the Standard Dog Walk.

Please click here, to see our Dog Walking service page for more details about our dog walking services.

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