Nobody has officially been crowned the worst pet sitter in history, but a quick google search will reveal the nightmare scenarios that can unfold when your pet is left in the hands of an incapable pet sitter. If you inadvertently hire a pet sitter that has not had proper training with animals, anything could happen; from having your dog run away down a busy street, to leaving your gecko to roam the wild highlands of your couch without supervision.
     We’ve previously talked about some typical mistakes people make when hiring pet sitters, and how to avoid them here. But in this post, we’d like to cover one trend in hiring pet sitters and dog walkers that can really raise your chances of hiring a bad sitter. Today, there is no shortage of options for hiring a pet sitter or dog walker–and some of those options offer a tantalizing level of convenience, but at what price?

We’re talking namely about the now-famous “uber for pet sitting” apps– the most popular of which are Rover and Wag. These companies do not have a strong enough incentive to align the interests of pets, pet parents, and the freelance dog sitters and walkers they work with. They simply provide a convenient marketplace for hiring sitters and dog walkers so that they can have a hand in as many transactions as possible in the multi-billion dollar pet sitting industry each year.

Independent pet sitting companies such as Fur Heart have sitters and dog walkers in their employ with a greater depth of experiences with all types of pets and sitting situations than any sitter an app can provide. Our standard is also to provide the same sitter for you each visit so that we can build a lasting relationship with your pet. Many of the walkers and sitters that use Wag and Rover are simply using it for some extra income on the side. When their situation changes, they will move on, leaving you to hire a new sitter.

When looking for a pet sitter–don’t take a chance on a freelancer you meet through an app. Hire a local pet sitting company, spend time on an in-person consultation, and follow these tips to make sure they experience goes as smoothly as possible. Read more about “Big Pet Sitting” and why its a bad deal for pet parents here.