Sometimes, when you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, you need to take your furry friends to a place where they can stay for awhile. Boarding kennels are sort of like a hotel for dogs (or an all inclusive hotel with food and activities and belly scratches), and if you’re like us, you probably want your pet to have a five star experience. As you’ll see, that doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank–here we’ve compiled a list of the best dog boarding kennels in the Phoenix, AZ area, including their perks, promos, and basic features that set them apart.

 5.  Alta Vista Animal Boarding and Grooming:

Alta Vista has a boarding and doggie daycare program called “Pup Scouts” which is very well reviewed on Yelp. There are some basic qualifications for enrollment, including a behavior check and verifying that your dog is current on all their vaccines. Some of their perks include a puppy playground for the various dogs to socialize in. Based on yelp reviews, the staff is beloved by dogs, and customers are thrilled to see the photos the staff sends out of their dog during the day. Their nightly rate for boarding starts at $30, with luxury “canine suites with a tv and a view for $55 per night.

4.  Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort:

Wiggle and Wags Pet Resort is located in Tempe and serves the greater Phoenix area. One thing customers love about their facility is the kennel design. They are all glass, rather than using any chain link fence–protecting dogs from getting paws or snouts caught in any fence. They also have an incredible “play land” for dogs with room to run, slides, and sprinklers. Phoenix residents will be glad to know that 85% of the outdoor exercise area is shaded to protect the pups from the sun on the hottest days. Rates start at $35 per night for the basic suite.

3.  Second Home Pet Resort:

 Second Home Pet Resort is probably where your dog would beg to go if they could speak English! Their water-park style outdoor area for dogs to socialaize in and individualized playtime sounds like a blast even for a human. One amazing feature offered by Second Home in their “elite suites” is an actual dog webcam–that means you can check in on your furry loved one in real time while they’re in the suite. Their rates begin at $22 for non-interactive boarding if your dog is a little shy in their swimsuit (or they don’t like to socialize with other dogs) and prices climbs as high as $70 for a giant “elite suite” with a webcam and private patio.

2.   Pet Paradise:

For pet parents who like to do a lot of due diligence before selecting a boarding location–look no further thanPet Paradise. This is a successful company with 33 nationwide locations and a long track record of happy customers wagging their tails. They also offer a virtual tour of their facility on their website if you’d like to take a look at the amenities ahead of time. A great option for hot weather, the entire Pet Paradise facility in Phoenix is indoor and climate controlled. If you have a cat at home, they also offer cat boarding in condos with sweeping views of the nearby mountains. Their rates start at $38 per night, with no VIP options, but the chance to upgrade treats and playtime for small additional cost.

1. Tailwinds Pet Resort:

The best-reviewed boarding kennel in Phoenix, Tailwinds accommodates dogs of all shapes and sizes, and includes a generous package of amenities in their overnight rates. Like some other resorts, tailwinds has an outdoor pool, as well as plenty of dry playtime activities. They have no additional fees for group play or treats, unlike some other resorts in the area. Tailwinds simply ask that your pets be spayed or neutered, and non-aggressive. One other huge perk is the free “departure bath” for any dog that has been boarding for 4 days or more. You can find their entireschedule of fees here.