As a pet care provider, Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, LLC has a great depth of experience in researching and working with veterinarians in the Glendale, AZ area. Here we’ve provided a short rundown of the best animal medical professionals in Glendale, AZ, including our preferred vet for our own personal pets.
●     #4 Arrow Animal Hospital: Arrow Animal Hospital has been active in the Glendalearea since 1984. It’s hard to stick around for so long if your care isn’t top notch. Arrow is a large operation, with 12 fully licensed veterinarians, and over 40 other staff members at the hospital in support roles. Arrow cares for all types of pets, but this hospital may be an excellent option if you have a more exotic pet. As explained on their services page, Arrow is part of a family of hospitals that can provide specialized care to a wide variety of extotic pets.
●     #3 Desert Sky Animal Hospital: Desert Sky is owned by Dr. Kellee Blackwell DVM– on yelp the parents of her patients gush over her care and professionalism. The practice has two veterinarians, two certified technicians, and two veterinary assistants. In addition to a full suite of health services (mostly for dogs and cats), Desert Sky offers free visits for pets adopted from All About Animals Rescue (A no-kill shelter in the Phoenix area) within 14 days of the adoption date.
●     #2 Apollo Animal Hospital:  Apollo Animal Hospital is home to 3 veterinarians. In addition to the multitude of services they offer, Apollo also has boarding and grooming facilities for dogs and cats, making them a one stop shop for pet health. They have been providing quality veterinary services in Glendale since 1971. Finally, their site has a full suite of tools for pet education and easy appointment booking.
●     #1 Sunburst Animal Hospital: We know pets, it’s our business! When we look for care for our own personal pets, we look for the absolute best. That’s why we (and several of our clients) turn to Sunburst Animal Hospital for veterinarian care in the Glendale, AZ area. Sunburst offers a wide range of services, including senior care, microchipping, surgery, radiology (x-rays), and parasite control to name a few. Sunburst has 7 fully certified technicians, and 3 veterinary assistants to care for your pets. Their website also contains some basic care guides for cats and dogs which are a wealth of knowledge for any pet owner.