Pet Sitting Rates ?

Pet Sitter Cost ?

     When you’re shopping around for a pet sitter or dog walker, there are tons of considerations at play. Will they get along with my dog? Will they scratch my cat under the chin just like I do? All that aside, price is always a consideration when it comes to hire a pet sitter.

So how much exactly can you expect to pay for a pet sitter in Glendale, AZ? We break it down here, with prices that are up to date as of 2018.

We combed through Yelp’s top 10 pet sitting businesses located in Glendale, and there are wide a range of prices and services. However, most pet sitting companies off two common services: visits, and extended stays. Most companies offer both a 30 minute and 60 minute visit, and likewise they offer both an overnight and full day stay.

     30 minute stays: $17-$28 This is the most common service offered by pet sitters in Glendale, AZ. Several companies also offer increments of 45 and 60 minutes. Be sure to check what “services” are included in a 30 minute visit, and make sure you are able to ensure that you can guarantee the same sitter will come for each visit. At Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, LLC, our 30 minute visits and walks start at $25. We also offer a 45 minute visit option for $30. We make sure that the same sitter is scheduled for each visit, with one additional “back-up” sitter in case of emergencies. This is for your peace of mind, and so that your pets can expect a consistent sitter every single time.

     Overnight and extended stays: $60-$110 Be sure to check here the number of hours included, and the rate for both 24 hour and single, overnight visits. There are several considerations when choosing the right service for an extended vacation stay. Make sure to check if the rates you’re looking at are charged only in 24 hour increments, or if the service also includes 12 hour, overnight stays. Once again, it’s important to verify that the same sitter you’re used to working with is the one who is able to come to your house for an overnight. Also make sure the service is charging for arrival at a reasonable hour when your pets are still awake and active. At Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, LLC, we charge $110 for an overnight visit, and anyone can add an additional 30 minute visit the following day for just $35, perfect for a weekend away from home.

You can find the prices for all of Fur Heart’spet sitting services here. We know  our prices are both very competitive with any pet sitter in Glendale, AZ and our customersknow we’re an  incredible value for the custom care we provide for pets of all shapes, sizes, and situations.