How to Choose the Right Pet For Your Personality

When most people think about adopting a pet, they already have an idea in their mind of what they’re looking for. Some people grow up wishing for a chocolate lab like the one that lived down the street, others wish for a fluffy maine coon cat to curl up with, or perhaps even an actual chameleon to be the perfect hide-and-seek companion.

But what if you and your dream pet are actually a personality mismatch? Like us here at Fur Heart Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, LLC, some people can blend with the personality and lifestyle of any pet. You may even know someone who seems just like their pet. But for some people, living with certain pets can make them feel totally out of their natural habitat. Remember, the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet is that you’re bringing another living thing into your life. They’re going to rely on you more than anyone. Here are a few things to ask yourself before you settle on a pet.

Are you active or do you prefer the couch?
This one is hugely important. Some pets love to play and have tons of energy to use up everyday. If you aren’t the type of person who wants to spend an hour a day playing with an energetic puppy (sounds like a great day to us) then there are some other options you might consider. One great thing to look into is adopting an older pet. Senior pets that find themselves in shelters often have a harder time getting adopted than puppies and kittens. There might be an older pet out there right now just looking to share a warm spot on the couch with you.

Are you a neat freak?
If a little shedding or housetraining is enough to set you on edge, you might be looking for a pet whose messes are a little more contained. In that case, an animal that lives in an aquarium or terrarium might be right for you. Cleaning a terrarium can be dirty work, but at least there’s little chance of cleaning hair off your couch everyday.! Pigs, despite their reputation as smelly dirty animals, are actually quite clean! Fun fact, pigs can’t even sweat. If you’re fine with a little bit of mess, there might be a daily-shedding Chow Chow that needs a good home you can find!

Are you looking for affection from your pets?
Not all dogs are lap dogs, and some cats do want to curl up with you. It depends on the species and the breed of any pet you come across. In general, dogs are some of the most affectionate animals around. From actual laps dogs like the loving cavalier king charles spaniel, to great danes that think they’re lap-sized, there’s little match for a dog’s willingness to cuddle. However, pigs and even rats are also known to be very affectionate as well. While not exactly a housepet, we have to mention that horses are also super affectionate–often nuzzling up to their owners.

To our surprise and delight, there are actually tons of sites that have also  endeavored to make “pet personality quizzes” to help individuals match themselves up with the perfect pet. While we can’t endorse any of these as scientific, they might bring up some considerations to help you reason out what kind of pet would be your match made in heaven. We tried to take one of these quizzes, but it just told us we were perfect for every pet? Maybe you’ll have more luck. Happy searching!