New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Pet

The new year is upon us, which means it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions! Time to dust off those running shoes, pick up that forgotten guitar, take that cooking class; anything to build a “better you” in 2018. But as you’re coming up with ideas–don’t just think about yourself. There might be someone curled up at your feet who would appreciate some changes too…your pets!

There are tons of resolutions you can make for yourself that will also help you be a better pet owner, and have some happier, healthier pets.

  1. Spend a little more time playing with your pet. This one is no problem for us here at Fur Heart! The benefits to play are numerous for your pet, and it also helps strengthen the bond you share with your pets. Play that involves a little bit of exercise is an added bonus!
  2. Re-evaluate your pet’s diet in 2018. New year, new pet. Many pet owners do not realize how frequently a pet’s diet may need to change as they age. A new diet to address age or other health concerns is a great way to help your pet out in 2018. If you’re not already measuring your pet’s food–that’s a great place to start.
  3. Try a new activity with your pet. This one is mostly for dog owners, but works for everyone with a little creativity. In 2018, take your dog out to a new hiking trail, find a place they can take a little swim, or just start walking them in new parts of your city more often. Doggy boredom is real, and this can be a great remedy. Besides, you might just find a new place you love too.
  4. Keep track of your pet’s medical health. If you didn’t do this in 2017, it’s a must-do for 2018! Sure, vets have medical records–but they are missing all the health events your dog has when they are not in the vet’s office–including diet, activity levels, and even mental health. Keeping a detailed record will help you notice poor health more quickly, and help supplement your vet’s accurate diagnosis of any health issues.
  5. Teach them a new skill. Ok, so maybe you won’t get youtube famous, but while you’re spending more time with your pets in 2018, you can teach them a new skill–and have fun doing it. Odds are you’ll use treats as a teaching tool, which they’ll enjoy even if they can’t quite hack opening up your refrigerator door or fetching the mail.

These things are all simple, but they can go a long way to make 2018 a better year for any pet. Who knows, maybe they’ll even show some appreciation in return for your New Year’s Resolution? 2018: More walks, more wags.