If you’re like us, you would probably prefer to take your pet with you wherever you go. But sometimes, when Rover just can’t tag along–it’s time to find some pet sitting services. Whether you’re looking for a dog walker to make sure your Jack Russell has an outlet for her energy while you’re at work or a pet sitter to check in on your Siamese who gets lonely–there’s a pet sitter who’s right for you.

Where do you start? Just keep these few simple things in mind, and you’ll find the perfect person to look after your furry friends.

  • Look for Experience – Nothing beats a professional pet sitter and dog walker who has been around the block a few times on the business end of a leash. Make sure any pet sitter you find has testimonials from past clients & pet owners, and a demonstrated history of taking care of pets like yours. Take note of the types of pets they usually care for–if they’ve spent the last 6 years exclusively handling lizards, they might not know how to deal with your barking, warm-blooded St. Bernard.


  • Get an In-Person Consultation- This is a big one. When looking for a pet sitter near you, it’s a huge bonus if you can have the sitter meet your pets ahead of their walk or pet sitting appointment. It helps for both your peace of mind and that of your pet to be make sure everyone gets along. No two pets are the same, and no company can claim that one size fits all when it comes to pet care.  Not to mention, it’s easier on both the pet sitter and your pet to have a familiar face greet them when it’s time for their next meet-up. Fur Heart offers free in-person consultation for this reason, and to make sure all your specific pet needs are addressed.


  • Check for Insurance- Professional pet sitters are required to be bonded and insured. Be sure to ask if your pet sitter is insured before having them provide and dog walking or in-home pet sitting services. It’s even better to go one step further and make sure you know who is providing insurance for the company. Fur Heart Pet sitting is fully insured by Pet Sitters Associates.


  • Look for a Personal Touch- This one can be harder to get a sense of, but make sure the owner of the business or pet sitter is someone who shows they care about animals, and isn’t just interested in being a faceless business. Local pet sitting businesses are founded on a passion for animals that a sitter from an app just can’t match. You can learn more about me Chad Brezina, owner of Fur Heart, and his two rescue dogs Winston and Raja, right here.

We could make it more complicated, but keeping these simple things in mind should help you put your best foot forward in choosing a great pet sitter, no matter what kind of pet you have. We just so happen to think you’re in the right place already–so if you’re looking for a pet sitter or dog walker, take a look at our services today.