Live comfortably with your dog!

     Before I get into this article, I want to make it clear that if you have any hesitancy, misunderstandings, or concerns, please seek professional help from a dog behaviorist or trainer. Sometimes, living comfortably with our dogs may be easier said than done.  Aggressive tendencies, over-excitement, high-energy, fears, etc… can get in the way of living comfortably with your dog. These issues can even overlap each other and, believe it or not, attending to one issue may help or completely resolve others. It’s easy to blame someone or something for their actions when they are not understood. Misunderstandings in these situations in these situations is just another way of saying we lack knowledge. Going back through history, many horrible things have been done, due to lack of knowledge. So how do we become knowledgeable of our dogs, enough to live comfortably with them? This is a great question and one we will be going over in this article as well as future articles.

How to live comfortably with your dog:

  1.  The first step to living comfortably with your dog is a simple one. However, and especially in today’s society, it is not always an easy one. It is for dog owners to understand that their dog is a dog and not a human, baby, or any other being that they might only want to provide affection to. We need to understand the nature of the being in order to understand how to physically and mentally provide its needs. If we can understand our dog, we will be able to provide what the dog needs and you can earn its respect, which is a significant part of the success of living comfortably with your dog. The key to living comfortably with your dog is to earn its trust and respect. This brings up the question, what are a dogs needs and how do we also gain the trust of our dog? We will get into this more in our next article. So be sure to stay tuned as to make sure you can live comfortably with your dog!