Our three favorite Arizona hiking trails…

     As a dog owner, you would love more ways to enhance the bond between you and him or her, right? Getting out, having fun and experiencing new things together is a great way to strengthen bonds in any relationship, including the one with your dog.  Arizona is full of hiking trails and, on many, you are allowed to bring along with you as well. Dogs usually love hiking, and if you love it too, or you are just looking for a good way to get exercise, then hiking may be a perfect way for you and your dog to have fun and experience new things together!

Below, I will list my top 3 favorite hiking trails, give you some details, and show you a picture or two. Enjoy!


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  • White Tank Mountain (a.k.a. Waterfall Trail)  @  Waddell, AZ

     If it wasn’t obvious by its nickname, the reason I and many others like this trail is because, at the end of the trail, there is a waterfall!  Anyone that knows a little bit about Arizona knows that waterfalls are not a common natural structure in its environment. Though there are few in unique and often difficult-to-get-to locations in Arizona, the White Tank Mountain is very close to the general Phoenix area. Located in Waddell, AZ, the White Tank Mountain trail is a very easy trail without very steep inclines and declines. The trail is about 2 miles long (4 miles round-trip) and worth the short trip, for those living in the Phoenix area.

White Tank Mountain

  • Fatman’s Loop Trail @ Flagstaff, AZ

    Getting out of the heat in the Phoenix, AZ area is a common occurrence for many, if not all, of the people in the area. Flagstaff, AZ is a great destination to escape the heat. Located only a couple hours or so, north of Phoenix, AZ, Flagstaffs temperatures can decrease by thirty degrees or more at any given time. Fatman’s Loop Trail is a great hiking destination for this reason as well as its ease to find. You won’t have to hike or have a satellite GPS to find it. What makes this trail great for family hikes with your dog is that it’s a moderate in difficulty, presenting easily dominated challenges, such as small but steep inclines. Also, this is not a back –and-forth trail. It is, as it’s named, a loop about 2.5 miles long, in total. You, your family, and dog will enjoy the trail and the weather!

Fatman’s Loop Trail

  • West Fork Oak Creek Trail @ Sedona, AZ

    This trail, hands down, is my favorite of the bunch! Sedona, in general, has beautiful scenery and is a great destination for everyone! The West Fork Oak Creek trail is my favorite for its scenic views, its length, and moderate difficulty, making it perfect for you and your dog to have a wonderful time! I must mention that if I were to recommend the best time to hike this trail, it would be when the creek is flowing. The creek usually starts flowing when it has been snowing. So, during the winter season, would be my recommendation. Also, the winter-time snow decreases the population of other hikers on the trail. The beautiful scenery and low hiker-population will dramatically increase your love for this hiking trial!  During the hike you will have to cross the creek here and there, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful red rock mountains and varying types of trees. Your dog will love it! The only drawback is that there is a fee to park your car. Last time I went, it was ten dollars for parking. Believe me, the ten dollar fee is worth it!

West Fork Oak Creek Trail 

West Fork Oak Creek Trail 

West Fork Oak Creek Trail 

West Fork Oak Creek Trail 

West Fork Oak Creek Trail - Dog Walking
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