In this section I will be discussing important factors that all pet sitters and dog walkersin Phoenix, AZ should be well aware of and capable of handling. Though this blog post details pet sitting and dog walking professionals, this content is also what people seeking their help should know and understand when considering a certain pet sitting or dog walking professional. This information could help you decide which questions to ask your pet sitting or dog walkingprofessional.

Providing pet sitting and dog walking in Phoenix, Arizona is unique in itself. Both pet owners and professional caregiver’s, such as pet sitters and dog walkers, should be aware of all factors that could put their clients and themselves in a bad situation. However, for the purpose of this article I’ll stick to the topic with professionals at the forefront. There are several factors that need to be taken into account when providing pet sitting and dog walking in Phoenix, Arizona. First and foremost are the high and low temperatures.

Given that temperatures can rise to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, it is very important for pet sitters and dog walkers to understand the dangers that come with working in such unforgiving weather. During the summer, most pets should remain in a climate controlled environment with enough drinking-water to keep them comfortable. When your pets are confined in a home, apartment, or car, it is imperative that the mechanism controlling the climate (ex. Air conditioners) is in proper working order. However, if the air conditioner ceases to work at some point during high outside temperatures, it is crucial to have a plan to keep your client’s pets safe, healthy, and happy!

High temperatures can also impact a dog-walking schedule. During the summer, in Phoenix, AZ, walking your dog can only be done in early mornings as well as late nights. This is unless your dog uses booties. Though, even with booties, dogs won’t be able to last that long under the Phoenix, Arizona summer sun. In contrast Phoenix, Arizona’s winters can be quite cold and drop below freezing temperatures. This is important to understand because some animals won’t do well and possibly won’t survive when exposed to these temperatures for long periods of time. Both, the hot and cold temperatures, make it extremely important to make sure to not allow pets to wander off or become lost.

Pet sitters and dog walkers in Phoenix, AZ should understand these important aspects about temperature and how it can affect their client’s pets. If they don’t, potential clients should be looking elsewhere for a pet care professional. There are many other factors that we will eventually go into, during this blog.